Typical dishes in Cusco

The city of Cusco has extraordinary and delicious dishes. Also, you can’t miss out on eating an anticucho and the delicious Picarones in one of the food carts on the street for a little snack.

Cuy al Horno: The famous cuy al horno (guinea pig in the oven) is one of the most popular touristic dishes, in Europe we eat rabbit, in Peru cuy al horno… being such a popular dish Peru produces 17,000 tons guinea pig per year.

Chiri Uchu: Typical cuisine of Cusco, mainly prepared in the festivities of the city of Cusco (Corpus Christi festival – June 24), you can also find this dish in some picanterías of the city of Cusco. Chiri Uchu is the dish which means cold or spicy chili in Quechua. It is eaten cold and for this it is advisable to drink a dark beer to help digestion.

Caldo de Gallina: A dish from Peru and Cusco. It is a super healthy dish, kind of a soup but with chicken and potatoes and what not. Cusqueños (citizens of Cusco) eat this dish when they have a sickness or just because it’s so goooood.

Places to eat these typical dishes

If you want to taste the famous Cuy al Horno, you can find it in many restaurants in town. But if you want some really good cuy without paying tourist prices you want to go south of Cusco, to the town called Tipon which is located one hour from the city of Cusco. You can combine it with a visit of the arqueological site of Tipon or Humedal de Huasao (the passage is about 2 soles if you by city bus). Now, if you want to try an excellent Cuy Chactado, you can choose to visit the Sol Moqueguano restaurant located 10 minutes from Cusco, in the Santiago (Pukin) district.

Enjoy your meal!

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