Virgin of Candelaria Feast (01/02 to 15/02/2020)

From 01/02 to 02/15/2020 we celebrate the Virgen de la Candelaria in the city of Puno which is considered as the Folk Capital of Peru. The region awaits the arrival of 60 thousand tourists, who will join the “Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria”, the largest religious celebration in southern Peru. The central day of the religious celebration is the second of February. It’s devotion is rooted throughout the world. Other countries where the Virgin of the Candelaria is celebrated are Spain (it’s country of origin), Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela and many more.

Peruvian stories about the Virgin of Candelaria

First story:

It is reported that in times of struggles between rebels against settlers, the city of Puno was besieged by a large group of rebels. In the first months of 1781, the rebels tried to take the city, the small number of settlers defended themselves with much courage, but their numerical inferiority did not give rise to such a fierce attack. In desperation, the villagers opted to take the virgin out in procession, after imploring her protection throughout the night, somehow the aggressors left the place in fear.

Second story:

The Virgin appeared to a native of the area who took care of the village. She had the appearance of an elegant lady with a serene face and had a child in her arms. The virgin asked permission to wash her son’s clothes in the stream in exchange for taking care of the property until his return. When the native returned with his master, who did not believe this story, they found the chest of the Virgin, dressed in white, with her clothes still wet.