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Peruvian Chocolate

Did you know that Peru is the third largest producer and exporter of cocoa in Latin America? Known for its fine and organic cocoa, Peruvian cocoa is unique, recognized worldwide for its flavor and natural characteristics. In 2019 there was an estimated production of 149,000 tons of cocoa nationwide in Peru. Passing through Peru you […]

Lima, a modern metropolis

Lima was founded on January 18, 1535 by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro and was called “City of the Kings”, being then the seat of the governorate of New Castile. For its colonial architecture, in 1991, UNESCO declared Lima “Cultural Heritage”.Today the capital of Peru is a modern metropolis. With more than 9 million inhabitants […]

Rainbow river

As here in Peru we have the Rainbow Mountain, Colombia also has it’s colorful natural wonder. The Caño Cristales river, also known as “the river that ran away from paradise”. It lies in the Amazon jungle, deep inside what was former Farc rebel territory. Sinds June 2017 thanks to a historic peace deal, tourists can […]

Apu Pitusiray

I am going to tell you the myth of the mountain called Pitusiray and it’s Apus, Apus are the gods that form faces in the mountains. Orqo Waranqa, leader of the town of Urco, had a daughter of extraordinary beauty named Pitusiray, princess of the village. The young woman had fallen in love with a […]