Apu Pitusiray

I am going to tell you the myth of the mountain called Pitusiray and it’s Apus, Apus are the gods that form faces in the mountains. Orqo Waranqa, leader of the town of Urco, had a daughter of extraordinary beauty named Pitusiray, princess of the village. The young woman had fallen in love with a handsome man known as Sawasiray. Orqo had lands that were unproductive due to water scarcity. That is why he offered Pitusiray’s hand to whom he could take the water to the dry furrows. Kuntisiray and Sawasiray, lords of neighboring regions, disputed the primacy. Sawasiray tried to bring water down the hillside of the mountain but failed in his attempt. The lucky fellow Kuntisiray built a large well on a hill and the water began to flow down the platforms of a ravine, and he was the winner. The princess, overwhelmed with the outcome, could do nothing but obey her father’s orders. His marriage to Kuntisiray was luxurious. But one stormy night, Pitusiray ran in search of Sawasiray and they fled to the hills of the mountain range, believing that they could overcome the height and take refuge. Found by the warriors of Orqo Waranqa and the offended Kuntisiray the lovers were petrified and turned into two snowy mountains. Currently, behind Calca there are two snow-capped mountains that are Pitusiray and Sawasiray, and behind the two mountains is Kuntisiray. Every year, only between September 29 and October 3 you can see shadows in form of a Puma and an Inka.

Lagoon of Pitusiray is at 4991 meters of altitude

The lagoon is a magical and sacred place, to enter one has to ask permission to the Gods and offer something to Pacha Mama (Mother Earth).