How traveling can change your life

I still remember well when I traveled so far for the first time.
Alone, with my backpack to the other side of the world, ready for adventure.
My destination? Peru, but without knowing that my destiny in life was waiting for me.
Arriving in Peru I realized that this trip would be a unique experience that I would never forget.
The beautiful landscapes, the mystical atmosphere, the delicious food and the authentic personality of the country was winning me over.
Arriving at the highest point of the Machu Picchu mountain walk, I had an incredible view and at this exact moment I felt and decided that I could leave certain things in the past, including my phone that I lost during the trip hahahahaha.
Now I live in Cusco with the love of my life and two children that I adore. My life changed forever.
(a story from the blog editor, for Travelatin)